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Areas that are ideal for the 430B are:

  • School washrooms

  • Kitchens

  • School halls

  • Workshops

  • Hospital rooms

  • and many more!


Dimensions (mm) - 880x600x950

90 Minute Run Time

Intelligent waste water management 

Scrub With - 430mm

Waste Tank - 20L

Detergent Tank - 20L

Power - 24v (Battery)

Brush Motor - 750w

Vacuum Motor - 850w

Brush Pressure - 25kg

net weight - 38kg


Areas that are ideal for the 500B are:

  • Warehouses

  • Large halls

  • Long corridors

  • Sports areas

  • Large Workshops
  • Distribution Centers

  • New Build Cleans


Dimensions (mm) - 1150x550x1000​

120/180 Minute Run Time​

Intelligent waste water management 

Scrub With - 500mm

Waste Tank - 50L

Detergent Tank - 45L

Power - 24v (BATTERY)

Brush Motor - 375w

Vacuum Motor - 480w

Brush Pressure - 35kg

net weight - 72kg

500B MIDI.jpg

The TGB3045 offers the best of both worlds with compact design and a full width cleaning capability.• Easy to use controls - Now with red touch user friendly controls.• Gel Batteries - 10hr charge time.• Battery and Hour Meter - Simple clear hour/battery indicator.• Fully Adjustable Handle - For the perfect working position.• Structofoam Chassis - New chemical resistant structofoam moulded chassis.• 30L Capacity - Polyform tank.• 45cm Scrub Width - Tilting deck for easy brush change.


Both models of TGB6055 have 60 litre capacity and a 55cm (20”) single brush scrubbing path, dual brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities, with added traction power drive for the 6055T model which would be essential if inclines or ramps are involved.• Simple Operator Controls - 2 switches for Vacuum and Water.• On-board Charging - Convenient and easy, just plug and go.• Gel Batteries - Up to 2.25hr runtime, 8hr charge time.• Flexifill System - Easy filling and emptying with flexifill system.• Battery and Hour Meter - Simple clear hour/battery indicator.

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