Expert Refurbishment

Nothing deserves to be thrown away when it can be repaired! This is the moral our engineers live by, a lot of the machines we originally supply end up being traded back in to us later in life. Rather than just destroying them, they undergo a full refurb from the ground up! Anything that isn’t working correctly or appears to be on the way out is either overhauled or replaced. Once our engineers are satisfied that the machines are at a great working standard they are used by us for 1-2 weeks for cleaning our own fleet, this gives them the final test before going back out into the working world! Our refurbished machines won’t ever be the cheapest used machines out there; however in our opinion other used equipment just can’t compare!

0533 CSA Cleaning LOGO REV FINAL 300dpi.

Broad Lane, Cottenham


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 17:00pm