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This machine is designed for heavy duty use (4 hours per day). They have a plunger pump fitted with ceramic pistons, brass head, stainless valves and textile seals for long life. Also as standard are Stainless steel boilers, chemical facility, a Stainless steel lance and built-in chemical and diesel tanks. The 1210HA is the professional heavy duty machine of choice, with extras such as water softner, high pressure chemical, service indicator and a high presscure gun with ceramic ball technolagy.


EAGLE machines are built to last, With most of their machines out lasting their competetors by many years.


£2,678.00 Regular Price
£1,999.00Sale Price
  • Model


     Pressure (BAR)


     Flow (Ltrs/hr)


     Ceramic Pistons


     Cranked Pump


     Chemical Tank


     Diesel Tank


     Auto Stop/Start


     Dead Stop


     Water Softener


     Steam Stage




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