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Janitorial Steam Cleaner

The Janitorial Steam System comprises of a powerful steam cleaner called a Jet Steam Professional, Janitorial Trolley and Steam Mop supplied as one for a convenient cleaning solution.

The Jet Steam Professional steam cleaner is a robust and efficient continuous flow machine which means that there is no downtime for refilling. This is due to the fact that this model has a boiler and a reserve tank so there is no need to de-pressurise to re-fill and lose valuable cleaning time.

The Janitorial Steam System is supplied with a comprehensive kit of tools and accessories which can be stored in the handy receptacles of the trolley which makes transporting the entire system from place to place in the working environment both quick and easy.

These tools and accessories perform a wide range of cleaning tasks from steam cleaning with brush agitation to plug-hole unblocking, upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning, de-greasing of kitchen equipment and many more.

The steam mop of the Janitorial Steam System is a powerful tool to combine cleaning with infection control so is perfect for clinical environments such as vets, hospitals and dental surgeries.

Our range of steam cleaners offers premium quality technology. Their robust manufacture and design is based on extensive work with people who have demanding commercial and industrial applications.

This product is accepted on the Water Technology List. UK customers purchasing these products are rewarded through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. Cleaning with steam uses remarkably little water so the Janitorial Steam System is also good for the environment.

housekeeping steam cleaner


Continuous flow - yes

Pressure - 6 bar

Steam Volume - 97 g/min

Steam Temperature - 165'C

Water Capacity - 4.8 ltr

Weight - 12 kg

Voltage - 50/60 Hz

Power Supply - 220/240v

Boiler Power - 3000 watts

Cable Length - 5m

matress steam cleaner


Autonomy - Continuous Operation

Boiler Capacity - 2.2 Litres

Cable Length - 4 metres

Certification/Marking - CE, IPX4

Indicator for Lack of Water - Yes

Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 40x25x41.5cm

Max. Boiler Temperature - 165°C

Maximum Power - 2,200 Watt

Net Weight - 10.5 Kg

Power Supply - 230v 50 Hz

Shipping Weight - 12 Kg

Steam Pressure - 6 Bar nominal

Compact Steam Cleaner

This Compact steam cleaner is a powerful and robust steam cleaner.  It features a sleek, solid stainless steel body, simple, easy to use controls and carefully selected tools and accessories.  It has been specifically designed and manufactured for a multitude of cleaning tasks within a hospitality or healthcare environment and is the most powerful yet lightweight machine for its compact size. This compact machine can stand alone to tackle detail cleaning with ease.  Key areas can be effortlessly cleaned and sanitised and at less than 10kg; this light weight unit can easily be carried from task to task by the operator. Yet, this steam cleaner really shows off its innovation and versatility when used in conjunction with its trolley. The trolley not only aids the ease of manoeuvrability of the machine; simply connect the extension tubes and floor tool with a microfibre cloth and the compact unit changes from detailed cleaning machine to steam mopping system for sanitising walls and floors alike. A first for a machine of its size.  This Compact steamer can also be used in conjunction with a range of uniquely validated range of Healthcare specific tooling for a truly innovative deepclean!


For 2018 EAGLE are introducing a new generation of  reliable industrial steam cleaner! Built with a totally new boiler we believe this machine is definitely the most well built machine on the market today!

Using over 40 years experience this machine has been designed to work continually every day, being fitted with advanced safety sensors allows the user to clean without the worry of using machine that isn't working to its optimum performance.

The Puresteam EV's unique boiler has been designed with reliability and quality in mind.

A robust industrial design ensures the machine can operate at extremely high temperatures without unexpected failures. 

Another addition to the Puresteam EV's machine is the canister vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner operates at 1100W and makes ease of removing any left over dirt or grime from cleaning.

kitchen steam cleaner


Pressure - 7 (BAR)

Steam Flow - 3.85kh/hour

Unlimited Autonomy - Yes

Chemical Application - Yes

Chemical Tank - Yes

Pump Type - Long Life

Steam Temperature - 165'c 

Heating time - 5 Mins (approx)

Boiler - 3.8L

Thermostat - Yes

On Board Chemical Tank - Yes

Vacuum Power - 1100w

Waste Recovery Tank - 15L

Voltage - 240V

kitchen steam cleaner
kitchen steam cleaner


steam machine 3k.png

Puresteam - C


EAGLE have developed and enhanced the PURESTEAM steamer machine to now allow the use of detergents with 180'c steam. 2018 brings the brand new PURESTEAM C, this model has been designed to deliver all the power of the pure steam with the added feature of detergent injection to the steam flow. A membrane pump infuses the outgoing steam flow with detergent, allowing for effective heavy duty dirt removal. The PURESTEAM C is fantastic at removing traffic grime, graffiti and oil. Adding the option of a tiny generator the PURESTEAM C can be a fully mobile unit, ideal for nearly any outside cleaning task. With the option of up to 4 steam outlets you can have 4 operators working simultaneously from one machine!

The Puresteam - C can also be supplied with graffiti brush lances and 120mm long reach lances, these twinned with the option of 20m hoses ensures that the 180'c steam can get to almost any area! Another function for the Puresteam - C is that it will melt and remove chewing gum in a extremely fast and safe way, for more information on chewing gum removal please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Steam is a great eco efficient alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals and traditional methods, used correctly steam cleaning can be a faster, safer way to clean. Steam will also sterilize everything it comes into contact with, this provides another level of cleaning without taking any more time. 

The Puresteam C comes with full 1/2 day training FOC on how to use steam correctly.

(EAGLE recommends the use of their own cleaning detergents or non corrosive detergents with neutral pH)



Pressure - 9.5 (BAR)

Steam Flow - 42 kg/H

Working Hours - 8/DAY

Chemical Application - Yes

Chemical Tank - Yes

Pump Type - Long Life

Steam Temperature - 180'c 

Heating time - 4 Mins (approx)

Boiler - Large Water Jacket 

Auto Diagnosis - Yes

Thermostat - Yes

On Board Chemical Tank - Yes

On Board Diesel Tank - Yes

Outputs - Twin (4 users max)

Voltage - 240V

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