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Custom Built Machines

Industrial washdown equipment cambridgeshire

Our engineers are extremely proud of the work they do! After discussing various different options with our customers, sometimes pre built machines just won’t fit the bill! This is when we set ourselves the challenge to supply the correct machine to carry out the task required.

Firstly, a meeting is required to set out the main objectives for the machine including hourly usage per day, working environment and what exactly requires cleaning. We then request an estimated budget for the install and build along with a yearly budget for ongoing running costs. After some thinking and planning we then present our ideas and thoughts with usually 2-3 different options for the customer to choose from. All custom built machines are tested at our workshop before finally installing to the site of choice. We have had great success with our custom builds and due to the amount of variations we have built in the past I’m sure we will have the correct fit for you!

professional wash down equipment cambridgeshire uk

Some Examples Of Our Work

food manufacture wash down equipmet
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