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Perfect for food manufacture washdowns, yard clearance & vehicle valeting


Boost your cleaning power with HEAT! Ideal for cleaning Lorries, Vans, Plant, Farm Vehicles and other Industrial Machines


Electrostatic spray applicators are the next generation of sanitisation and disinfection equipment. These sprayers use 65% less detergent whilst having a 70% faster application time and being a 100% touchless system!

A Machine for every floor! Non slip or "Altro" style flooring can be very challenging to clean but with the correct machine, brush and cleaning science we are confident we have the correct machine to clean your flooring!

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Why use a broom when a sweeper can be up to 15 times faster! Our manual sweeper is 7 times faster than a broom and can collect wood, coke cans, leaves, mud, stones and much more!

EAGLE 80 - PS.jpg

Steam is the most eco friendly way to clean! The range of steam cleaners we have @ CSA is one of the most comprehensive on the market, let us show you how to unlock new revenues with eco steam power!


Industrial Vacuum Cleaners range from dry tub units up to 3 motor gutter vacuum machines

The machines we offer have indestructible heads and powerful turbine motors, they are hand built and designed to be efficient, robust and reliable!

EAGLE WD25.jpg
POWERHP_4-5_L70AB bg-large_0.jpg

Carpet extraction cleaners are a great way to clean carpets, weather it is by using brushes or hose and want we have a demo fleet of machines for you to trial before you buy.

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